Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy (yet no) halloween!

HALLOWEEN GREETINGS from Bugs, Tom & Jerry!

          Although there's no trick or treating tradition here in Saudi Arabia, we can still feel it's spirit...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last week, on our way home from an errand, we witnessed a bus collide with a car thus crashing the latter's bumper and hood within was right in front of us and it was just like watching a movie. All i could utter was "oh my God!" because i knew the crash was already inevitable..the creepy thing is while we're passing through, we saw that there's a little boy inside the car. Good thing nothing happend to him and to his dad (who was driving).
lesson of the story: DO NOT EVER BEAT THE RED LIGHT! yup! it's the car's fault...

Do you know that in Saudi Arabia:
  • SR 13 billion loss of properties.
  • 9 million traffic violations annually.
  • 18 deaths per day.
  • One death case every one and a half hours.
  • Injury or disabled every quarter of an hour.
  • The number of traffic accidents last year reached 485931 accidents.
  • The number of deaths last year reached 6458 people, i.e. there were  13 deaths per 1000 accidents.
  • Value of material loss estimated at SR. 13 billion a year.

Quoting a Saudi Comedian I once saw on tv, he said,
     "Saudi Arabia has the highest rate of road accidents in the world, and we manage to do that without alcohol!"

I laughed when I heard it...but i'm not laughing now, especially since I saw an accident right in front of me..
When will they learn to be careful? they always seem to be in a hurry...

Be safe everyone!

edit: the Saudi comedian was performing on a stage somewhere in the U.S.A in front of fellow arabs (liberated ones, i guess)..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

octoberfest II

we attended 2 birthday parties last thursday (different locations) for a 3 year old boy and another one for a 7 year old boy..we were partying and having lots of fun from 5pm thurday to 3am the following day..

i'll let the pictures(lots of them) do the talking..

 i just wanna say, i love what i was wearing that day (shame on me! lol).. i got the top from H&M for only 9 riyals (a little over 2 dollars) and the red flats from Payless (by Predictions) for 65 riyals (17 dollars)..the good thing about the shoes is that they had a store promo when i bought them so i got another pair (in pewter) for free..teehee!


i feel like i should really flood myself with a lot of things that i should be thankful for in order for me to move past all the negativity and hurt and pain that i have wallowed into...while it's true that what's important is the present, i find it hard to just forget the past (for now..maybe because i'm still hurting)..but i also always remind myself that i have so much blessings in my life so who am i to complain...

note to self:  these are blessings enough...
1.  I have a family full of love for each other.
2.  The simple laughter we share
3.  My children learning the importance of prayer and living with it everyday
4.  Holding a weekly family prayer (i know it should be every night..we're working on that)
5.  A car which makes it easier for us to go from one place to another
6.  Good health for all of us
7.  Friends  which make my life meaningful and fun
8.  A good job for my husband which allows me to just stay at home and take care  of the whole family
9.  our supportive family back home (in the Philippines)
10.  Food on the table everyday

maybe i should print this and post it somewhere i could see it often..  =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

start of Octoberfest...

 Yesterday, October 1, we attended ANGCOP/Gawad Kalinga's Family Day held at the Philippine Embassy's Multi-purpose court..the color yellow was assigned to our group. in the pic: my husband and i while watching a presentation which turned out to be a mini concert..they were sooo good!

 I think it's pretty much the tail of the summer season here in Riyadh and the temperature yesterday was a scorching 40 degrees celsius! we tried to be under the shades as much as we can but the heat is really killing us..this is the only photo i have where the kids are in it..they kept on running around..i can't blame them though..even hubby and i can't stay put with the heat..

                    with our HouseHold Head, tito Raf and tita Grace with their son Gab...

 Enan and I right before we decided to go home because the kids are already becoming uncontrollable..they were irritated already, hehe...we left the event before 1pm..

                            me right in front of the Philippine Embassy building..

At around 4pm, we met up with some of our group mates again for a rehearsal for an upcoming presentation and they greeted us with a surprise..they told us our names were announced as one of the winners in the raffle draw which was held later in the afternoon but since we were no longer around, the prize was given to another participant..we were supposed to have taken home a microwave oven *sigh...*

*I entitled the post as such because this October, we will be attending grand activites, celebrations and other get-together week after week..i bet it'll be a fun-filled month.. =)
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