Sunday, October 10, 2010


i feel like i should really flood myself with a lot of things that i should be thankful for in order for me to move past all the negativity and hurt and pain that i have wallowed into...while it's true that what's important is the present, i find it hard to just forget the past (for now..maybe because i'm still hurting)..but i also always remind myself that i have so much blessings in my life so who am i to complain...

note to self:  these are blessings enough...
1.  I have a family full of love for each other.
2.  The simple laughter we share
3.  My children learning the importance of prayer and living with it everyday
4.  Holding a weekly family prayer (i know it should be every night..we're working on that)
5.  A car which makes it easier for us to go from one place to another
6.  Good health for all of us
7.  Friends  which make my life meaningful and fun
8.  A good job for my husband which allows me to just stay at home and take care  of the whole family
9.  our supportive family back home (in the Philippines)
10.  Food on the table everyday

maybe i should print this and post it somewhere i could see it often..  =)

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