Friday, December 16, 2011

Big Bad Watch...

     I don't post pictures of the things I buy in facebook because I feel shy and I don't want my friends and other people who might see it to think that I'm bragging or something.  Although I know some people do that because they want to share their excitement.  So forgive me if I do that here in my blog..hehe. I just feel more comfortable posting and sharing trivial things here because, i don't know, maybe it's the thought that my family and friends don't get to read this blog. =) 

     I love how big my MK watch is.  It really is a statement piece.  There's a masculine feel to it yet it is so beautiful to behold, IMHO. Hubby bought it last November 24.  Yep, too early for a Christmas gift. =)

2 made connections:

  1. beautiful watch! i guess i need to get one soon hahaha!

  2. You should! you won't regret it, hehehe...


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