Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25 Photo-Blog

     In early December my kids asked me why Santa doesn't come here in Riyadh.  I told them since this is an Islamic country, Santa's afraid  he might get caught by the Mutawas or religious police.  Last week, out of curiosity, I asked them to write Santa a letter just in case he could stop by, hehe..
Paolo's letter.
Sammy's.  I asked him why it's incomplete and he told me he doesn't really know what to ask for..good! lol..
Now we have already given them 3 gifts each even before December 25 so we just decided to buy candies and wrap them as presents, haha..
I wrapped the candies on December 24 as soon as they hit the sack...I placed them in the living room...
When they woke up, they saw the gifts and asked who they are for and I said I don't know, then they watched some tv show...a couple of minutes later they ate breakfast...
I gave the gifts to them after they ate and they were a bit surprised, puzzled in a way...then became giddy as soon as they realized they have gifts...
these are what's inside..Sammy already ate some, hehe...

     What's priceless was the look on their faces when they opened their gifts and how they said the word "WOW" as if they have received the best gift in the whole world.  I have the best boys one could ever dream of (please allow me to brag a bit, hehe). 

P.S.  they were extra happy all through out the day even if we're just at home waiting for their dad to come home. We'll eat out for dinner later. =)

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  1. Oh is this sweet my friend! I hope you and your family are doing great! Wishing you the best always!

    Mama Hen


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