Monday, January 30, 2012

Mango love...

     I love Mango's new collection, clean and fun and comfy. 

     *photos taken from their facebook page...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Black bag...

     I have been looking for a perfect black bag to replace my overused and abused black coach bag and when I saw this Michael Kors bag I was instantly smitten.  The straps look sturdy enough and I love that it has an added gold chain strap.  But what won me over were the holes which makes the bag not boring to look at. 
Michael Kors Hamilton Grommet in gold hardware
     If there's a downside to it, I think it might get scratched easily.  And knowing clumsy me, for sure I'll always put extra effort whenever I'd carry it which makes it less fun to use =(  So I'm thinking of  getting the plain Hamilton in silver hardware instead.

Michael Kors Hamilton in silver hardware

      What do you think?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Closet Picks...

     On a regular basis, I only leave the house twice a week. One night for our weekly grocery shopping and one night for the weekly household.  I wear "blah" clothes in going to the supermarket.  I thought I  should amp up my ensemble during household because that's the only chance I get to fix myself but most times I end up wearing "blah" clothes again, just like tonight.
                                    Cardi - very old, like 12 years old, from Baclaran =)
                                                           Shirt - New Look
                                                   Straight cut bf jeans - H&M
                                             Watch: Swatch Full Blooded caramel

          I really wanted to stick with wearing my Enzo Angiolini wedges but it's too cold outside.

                                        I ended up wearing the blue flats from vincci.

Camera ready...

What do these pics have in common?

Yep! My youngest son's such a camwhore just like his mommy! LOL...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wadi Hanifah

     Last Friday, we, together with a group of friends, trooped down to Wadi Hanifah, a man-made water park here in Riyadh.  It was a much needed break and change of scenery especially for my husband after all the work-related stress he has experienced two weeks ago.  We stayed there for half a day (morning til lunch time) and brought food for our picnic.  The weather was perfect, although it was still a bit chilly.
preparing for breakfast...

the kids enjoyed kite flying and tireless running...

Wadi Hanifah means Running Water...

My boys are growing up...too fast that it scares me, hehe...

before lunch, we saw a truck carrying those red chairs and men set them up at the right end of the park...probably there's going to be an event later in the day...

one of the reasons why they're excited to go here is that they heard there's  a man-made water falls... we all cracked up when we saw this, no waterfalls..just this, lol...

     Though tiring, it was really refreshing to somehow enjoy the beauty of nature that Riyadh has to offer.  =)

Closet Picks

     Here's what I wore to our first Household for 2012.  I have been eating (lots of rice) like crazy since December and after looking at my photos and realizing that my hips are now screaming, I have decided to let go of my gluttonous eating habits, lol.

Blue cardigan, black tank top, belt, boyfriend jeans: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skin Talk...

     I've had problems with my face which started during my fourth year in high school up to my third year in college.  I've had serious pimple break outs.  I didn't mind it at first but when I started becoming 'beauty conscious' and finding myself sarcastically saying in the mirror, "wala na, wala ng paglagyan!" that's when I went to consult a dermatologist.  The first doctor I went to wasn't really able to help and so I went to another clinic and thankfully I found a dermatologist who was able to help me with my skin.  Since then I've never had any problems with pimples anymore.

    My skin cleared out even more when we started living here in Riyadh.  But September of last year, I panicked because a zit popped up, then it became two, then three, then four in less than a week. What irritated me was they popped only on my right cheek and my chin.  And they sort of created one straight line, uugghh!  I blame my self for being a "doritos and lay's junkie"!
I took this photo after I tried to practice applying eye shadow on myself (i don't know how to apply eye make up, hehe)
      Then after 3 days, my face looked like this...
See the dots? Even my smile is forced in this photo because I honestly wanted to hide...
     A friend recommended that I use Clean and Clear Active Clear, a pimple clearing speed gel).
This speed gel costs less than Php300 in the Philippines.  You apply it on affected areas up to three times a day (only if you don't leave the house like I do.  But if you're going out, use it only at night because it leaves whites marks on your face)
     The speed gel worked for me because the pimples dried out after just 2 days of me using it.  However, I still used it for another 2 days and to my horror, my pimples turned black, eekkk!  I overused the gel, haha!
     I went to a dermatologist and she gave me Benzac AC 5.  It works by bleaching out the blemishes and at the same time working to kill the bacteria inside the affected area.
Costs less than SR20.
     My blemishes lightened but they are still slightly visible.  However, I've never had any break outs since then.

     I still couldn't give up chips and sweets but I try to drink lots of water now.  =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Airport Outfits...

     We are scheduled to have our Philippine vacation by the end of February and usually during these times, I'm already starting my count down.  But we haven't booked a flight yet so it's kind of frustrating to get giddy when we're still uncertain of the date. However, as early as now, I've already planned on what I'll wear on our flight home - yes, I'm like that! =)  I usually wear tights or leggings over comfortable shirt dresses or loose over sized tops, ballet flats or brogues and a scarf or pashmina as accessory and for added warmth.  Sometimes I bring with me a jacket and sometimes not.  I'm not comfortable with jeans as I've mentioned before much so during long flights because 1.  I eat a lot!(I love plane food)  2. I have slow metabolism and 3. I'm seated for 10 hours sometimes even more.  So imagine how bloated I am as soon as we board off the plane, hehe. 

     Here are some of the plane outfits I've taken from my facebook photos.  We don't regularly document our trips home so I just recovered a few.

      Now, if ever I do decide on wearing jeans during flights, it should be in this ensemble...
Ashley Olsen...why so chic? photo from olsensanonymous

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living the Life means?

      I have a mini notebook where I put all the things that i do not want to forget like my musings, things I'm going to buy, even my dreams and frustrations at times.  It's not a diary (though I grew up having my diaries and journals) but more of a scratch book.  I was about to write the things that we're supposed to do in the Philippines when we go on vacation when I noticed a page where I wrote "Living the Life means...".  It's blank.  I do remember writing it down last year, around April or May.  Back then I don't know what to write down because whenever I hear the phrase "living the life", for me it means living grand.  And we are by far, not living that way.  So I decided to fill the page with what for me "now" does living the life mean and here are what I jotted down.

"Living the Life" means...

1.  Having our dream house.
     We already have a house and lot of our own but we acquired it years before my husband worked here in Riyadh and the house was pre-built.  I was happy with it at first but now that our boys have grown bigger, the space is no longer enough for us. There are 3 bedrooms and one of them is being occupied by our maid.  The biggest room is the master bedroom and the other room used to be the boys' room but since they are 3 it has become smaller for them and now it's sort of become a storage na lang.  So now we're planning on either tearing the whole house down and build a new one or moving to another subdivision.

2.  Traveling (on a budget since we're 5) to different countries once every 2 years.

3.  Splurge on something once a year.

4.  Sending the kids to a good college/university without feeling the burden of high tuition fees.

5.  Buying a car or two in cash and changing/upgrading it every 4 or 5 years.

6.  Having one lifelong business that we can pass on to our children and having 2 small businesses.

7.  Savings (1 passive and 1 for emergencies).

     Looking at my list, they're pretty basic, right? But those are just what I want to be able to actually say I'm living the life.  But of course, we need to settle in the Philippines first which we plan to do in two years..two more years and we're outta here, hopefully! =)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pouring my heart out...

     "I wanna go home!"  These words keep on lingering in my mind for the last week or so..actually for the past months.  I don't think I could ever get used to living in a foreign land, more so in a strict conservative place like Saudi Arabia.   I am grateful for the opportunity given to our family, I think most people would want to be in our position if asked.  But it doesn't really suit our lifestyle.  My husband and I love simple pleasures. Yes, we have our own share of luxuries but maybe because there's really not much of an outlet available here that's why we resort to the easiest way to enjoy and amuse ourselves - buying things!  But the happy feeling born out of material lust is fleeting.  I feel sad.  =(

     I want to wake up in the morning with the warmth of the sun touching my face.  Enjoy the freedom of being able to express one's self and feel the equality between men and women.  See our families anytime we want to. And sleep at night feeling secured because you know you are home, really home.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


     I love weekends because my husband is home and I get to see all my boys together.

     I haven't been feeling good the past couple of days but for these four special persons in my life i have to be well, it's just a matter of heart over matter, hehe.

bonding essentials:
      muscle shirt - check!
      pajamas - check!
      psp - check!
      lots of teasing and laughter - check!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


     Here I go again, I mentioned (here) that i'd buy clothes in vibrant colors so as to get away from my usual neutral color scheme.  But then, last night, I stopped by New Look and I couldn't resist their Buy 1 Take 1 sale.  I went home with 2 dresses, and yes, in black and!  But I'm a sucker for simple and fuss-free dress cuts kasi..
      They're originally priced at SR95 each and I got it for SR50 at buy 1 take 1 promo so technically, the dress costs only SR25 each..It's a steal, right? =)  And don't be fooled by the simple cut, it looks really chic especially when worn with statement neck pieces.  I can't wait to wear them and I can't wait to go on vacation in the Philippines, it's still winter here so I can't wear them alone.
I visited the New Look branch inside Rimal Mall since we're there for our grocery shopping at hyperpanda

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


     My husband and I are homebodies and we seldom eat out.  But every once in a while, we do dine out with friends.  Last weekend we ate at Fuddruckers.  It's our first time to try out the place.  Kiddie meals ranges from SR19-21 and their burger meals (which includes free unlimited salad and refillable drinks) ranges from SR38-45.  I love their salad and my personal favorite dressing is the cheese sauce.  With their burgers, it's all good but comparing the taste with that of Hardy's (fastfood), I like the latter more. 
hot rocks...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Well said...

     Saw this on facebook and thought I should share it here.  Very short but straight to the point speech that it rings a bell.  I hope every hard-working individual realizes this. 

     Time for some good changes this new year.  As for me, I will be a Mover and a Fighter! I will fight to get  my goals and dreams for my self and my family! =)

Monday, January 2, 2012

in heavy rotation...

     I was inspired by an article in and so I decided to make a post about the stuff I repeatedly wore in 2011, in short, my (boring)favorites...
clockwise from top left: ted baker denim shorts, striped maxi dress from new look, striped dress with 3/4 sleeves from h&m, black gap shirt, white organic tee from h&m, oversized striped tee from liz claiborne

      I live in stripes, yep, it's my favorite print and I like basic plain shirts.  I really don't like clothes that cling to my body, I'm not comfortable in them.  This 2012 I would want to add more vibrant colors (like yellow, cobalt blue, orange, green) to my gray, black, white and navy colored closet staples.  And since I live in skirts and dresses, I want to start wearing jeans and girly tops more.

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