Thursday, January 26, 2012

Black bag...

     I have been looking for a perfect black bag to replace my overused and abused black coach bag and when I saw this Michael Kors bag I was instantly smitten.  The straps look sturdy enough and I love that it has an added gold chain strap.  But what won me over were the holes which makes the bag not boring to look at. 
Michael Kors Hamilton Grommet in gold hardware
     If there's a downside to it, I think it might get scratched easily.  And knowing clumsy me, for sure I'll always put extra effort whenever I'd carry it which makes it less fun to use =(  So I'm thinking of  getting the plain Hamilton in silver hardware instead.

Michael Kors Hamilton in silver hardware

      What do you think?

5 made connections:

  1. i like the 1st one better, mas gusto ko kasi kakaiba, the 2nd one is classic

  2. I'm also more drawn into the first one din, medyo edgy kasi, hehe..thanks sis!

  3. nag comment ako kanina sis bakit nawala> anyway,i agree the 1st one is's edgy and it will add "kick" to your outfit.

  4. Hi Cielo! wala ako nakita kanina na comment sis, now lang, baka nagloloko sa blogger, hehe..thanks sa comment, it's easier to decide because of you girls! i'm following you back.. =)


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