Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pouring my heart out...

     "I wanna go home!"  These words keep on lingering in my mind for the last week or so..actually for the past months.  I don't think I could ever get used to living in a foreign land, more so in a strict conservative place like Saudi Arabia.   I am grateful for the opportunity given to our family, I think most people would want to be in our position if asked.  But it doesn't really suit our lifestyle.  My husband and I love simple pleasures. Yes, we have our own share of luxuries but maybe because there's really not much of an outlet available here that's why we resort to the easiest way to enjoy and amuse ourselves - buying things!  But the happy feeling born out of material lust is fleeting.  I feel sad.  =(

     I want to wake up in the morning with the warmth of the sun touching my face.  Enjoy the freedom of being able to express one's self and feel the equality between men and women.  See our families anytime we want to. And sleep at night feeling secured because you know you are home, really home.

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