Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skin Talk...

     I've had problems with my face which started during my fourth year in high school up to my third year in college.  I've had serious pimple break outs.  I didn't mind it at first but when I started becoming 'beauty conscious' and finding myself sarcastically saying in the mirror, "wala na, wala ng paglagyan!" that's when I went to consult a dermatologist.  The first doctor I went to wasn't really able to help and so I went to another clinic and thankfully I found a dermatologist who was able to help me with my skin.  Since then I've never had any problems with pimples anymore.

    My skin cleared out even more when we started living here in Riyadh.  But September of last year, I panicked because a zit popped up, then it became two, then three, then four in less than a week. What irritated me was they popped only on my right cheek and my chin.  And they sort of created one straight line, uugghh!  I blame my self for being a "doritos and lay's junkie"!
I took this photo after I tried to practice applying eye shadow on myself (i don't know how to apply eye make up, hehe)
      Then after 3 days, my face looked like this...
See the dots? Even my smile is forced in this photo because I honestly wanted to hide...
     A friend recommended that I use Clean and Clear Active Clear, a pimple clearing speed gel).
This speed gel costs less than Php300 in the Philippines.  You apply it on affected areas up to three times a day (only if you don't leave the house like I do.  But if you're going out, use it only at night because it leaves whites marks on your face)
     The speed gel worked for me because the pimples dried out after just 2 days of me using it.  However, I still used it for another 2 days and to my horror, my pimples turned black, eekkk!  I overused the gel, haha!
     I went to a dermatologist and she gave me Benzac AC 5.  It works by bleaching out the blemishes and at the same time working to kill the bacteria inside the affected area.
Costs less than SR20.
     My blemishes lightened but they are still slightly visible.  However, I've never had any break outs since then.

     I still couldn't give up chips and sweets but I try to drink lots of water now.  =)

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