Saturday, June 16, 2012

Their Daddy, My Dydy...

How can I let the day pass by without writing a post about  someone who is really hands on when it comes to his kids. Someone who sees to it that he doesn't only give them what they need materially but makes sure that his boys be equipped with values which they can also pass on to their own children someday. Someone who also stands as a father figure for me because I also learned a lot of things from him.

                                                    Today is your day, Daddy! We love you so much!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I just want to write a post about how thankful I am to the Lord for blessing us with the kind of life that we wanted to live.  We may not be blessed with financial abundance now that we have decided to stay in the Philippines for good but we have enough and that's all that matters.  I am in awe how God works wonders in putting things in order for me and for my family.  At the end of each day I am excited for the coming days because I feel like there are still more surprises God has in store for us.

To date, I am no longer a stay-at-home mom but a work-at-home mom and I'm happy.  Everyday my hands are full juggling my online work and my duties as a mom and a wife.  Our house help went on vacation two weeks ago and eventually told me that she's uncertain when she will be coming back because she needs to fix some family matters in the province. There are days when I feel dead tired but I love that feeling.  I feel like I am accomplishing a lot of things each day and at the same time having the luxury to just stay at home and look after my family.  I have already adjusted with my work schedule and thankfully I have flexible working hours.

I have also enrolled for a Master's Degree program and I will be majoring in Guidance and Counseling.  My classes starts next Saturday and I am very much excited but anxious at the same time since I will be out of the house every Saturday of this semester.  My class starts at 8am and ends at 6pm with one hour lunch break.

I want to share my work area...
Yes, those are vapor rub and katinko ointment.  I take them with me so that if ever I need to put some on the kids I won't have to stand up.

From Monday to Friday I am stationed at our dining table so that I could easily stand up and leave work for a few minutes if ever I need to attend to something. I have a small working table in our bedroom and I used to work there but after our house help left and I was the one taking care of everything in the house, I realized that though climbing up and down the stairs is a good exercise, it would just result to minor injuries every now and then especially when I'm rushing, hehe.

That small table was custom-made as a bedside table when I was still single.  It was originally painted white then I took it with me when I got married and painted it green and eventually painted it brown. Since I was the one who repainted it, the paint now is starting to wear off, hehe..
That is my small nook in our bedroom.  I am still in the look out for a perfect working table.

As for the rest of the brood, my husband works from home, too and the kids would still be home schooled. They'll start classes next week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend...

     When my kids are happy, I am happy.  That's why instead of thinking about myself on Mother's day, my husband and I took them out for a day of play time.  We took them to Tagaytay and decided that instead of going inside the mini zoo at Residence Inn (where we've been to twice already), we let them enjoy the playing area, particularly the wall climbing activity, just right outside Residence Inn. 

     The five of us, together with my lolo and my niece Ella, arrived at Tagaytay at about 8 in the morning so that the kids could play even before the sun starts glaring.  Unfortunately, we learned that the wall climbing booth opens at 9am.  To kill time, the kids rode the horses.
    At 50 pesos per head with 3 turns, I think the price is good enough...

After the ride, we decided to have our breakfast first and come back afterwards.  We ate at Mushroom Burger which is sort of our snack haven everytime we're in Tagaytay.

 The simplicity of the place plus the delicious and nutritious food they offer are the things that endear us to this restaurant.  At the back is a small playground and garden you can roam.
How cute is this, two lolos playing with the kids, hehe...

We went back to Residence Inn at around 9:30 am and from there all hell broke was hard to stop the kid and as usual we kept on running after them, lol..

My eldest reaching the top of the wall and still can afford to smile (I thought he'll get so tired because just by looking at him ako ang napapagod...and natatakot).
My second son on top, too...

my bunso tried reaching for the top, too, but got tired..or scared (he wouldn't tell me, hehe) so he went down after reaching more than half of the wall...
even their cousin tried climbing..such a brave girl.
Imagine how high that wall is (atleast for me, hehe)! My heart was pounding and my hands are sweating just by watching them..praying that they be safe and yet cheering that they make it on top (sort of an achievement for them). For 100/person you can climb as many times as you want..superr affordable.

After wall climbing the kids then decided to try the laser gun (infrared) game.  Now, it took us a while before letting them play because ever since they were little, we don;t allow them to play with toy guns.  We don't buy them toy guns and we even discourage our family and friends to give them toy guns as gifts.  Nakakatakot kasi. But now that they are big enough to understand the dangers of guns, I think it's okay to let them experience this game.  But in the house, no toy guns pa din ang rule.

Laser gun shooting costs 50/per head. 

Sayang because we failed to capture the tarpaulin with the printed games and their prizes.  All I can remember is for 399/person you can go wall climbing, horseback riding, zipline ride, giraffe (not a real one but more of a skate bike) ride and laser gun shooting.  We didn't avail of the package that's why we forget to take a picture of the signage.

For less than 2,000 including our food at Mushroom Burger, I'd say it was a half day of fun not only for the kids but for my husband and lolo as well.  We were home a little before 1pm.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mischmash Blog Giveaway...

     I have always admired women who don't lose their sense of style even though they are already mothers.  I particularly like those who dress stylishly but appropriately.  One of those women I admire is Mikka of
A Mischmashed Life. She's one fashionable lady with an equally charming and adorable little daughter who has naturally inherited her mom's grace and style.  As a reader, I have already perceived her as successful multi-tasker since she can juggle motherhood, work, business, plus personal relationships.  And for that I admire her even more.

     I was thrilled to see that she is hosting a blog give-away and became even more excited  when I saw the items to be given away. Yey! See for yourself  and you might become giddier to join (and win!) than I am, hehe..head on over now to Mischmash Chic-kit-giveaway.

Monday, May 7, 2012


There are so many things we usually take for granted because we are so engrossed with our material world.  For the past month that we have been home, I am lucky to witness almost everyday scenes like these just by peeking out our bedroom window...

                                                    (photos taken from my Blackberry)

So serene and so beautiful that it makes me thank God for keeping me alive...   =)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Divisoria Finds 1

Before leaving the house, I already made a list of the things I would be looking for at Divisoria.  I wanted to write them down so as not to forget what I really need and not be overwhelmed with a lot of stuff and end up buying things which I don't really need and want. Good thing I had a list and stuck with them all through out because that place is one heck of a temptation island, lol.

If only we went to divisoria earlier and if it hadn't been raining, we could have roamed around the place and hopped from one mall to another without rushing.  But still, I was happy with my loots and I want to share them here.  I'll start with the skirts I bought.

sheer skirt with detachable belt (Php 280)
black skirt with mini pleats (Php280)

the belt is detachable ( a closer look at the belt, though, would tell you that it's made out of cheap materials, especially the plastic buckle)

the brown belt  is really part of the serves as its garterized waistband
the top is not from Divi...I bought it from an outlet store in Riyadh...
I can't recall the original price of the skirts.  I bought them from two different stalls and every time I'd make a purchase, Tita Edith would come to my side and haggle with the saleslady.  I think one of the perks in shopping at Divisoria is that you can haggle all you want and that is what I need to master if I want to stretch the value of my money.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"My Zalora Wishlist"

I can say that I'm more of a blog reader than a blogger.  Yes, I do enjoy writing and sharing my own posts but I enjoy more reading about my favorite bloggers' posts about outfits, motherhood, or any musing under the sun.  It is through my daily blog reads that I got acquainted with  I am a fan of online shopping but being a mom of 3 with a household to maintain, I don't shop that often (no matter how much I want to, hehe).

Last week, I got an email from telling about the My Zalora Wishlist contest.  I got excited but as soon as I read the mechanics and the criteria for judging, I chickened out.  I told myself there's no way I could win this because I don't write well, I'm a boring blogger, etc. etc.  Then just today, as I was browsing the net sitting next to my husband, I mentioned the email and the contest.  He asked if I joined already and I told him I didn't and elaborated my reasons for not joining.  He encouraged me to join telling me that it's not about whether I'd win or not but pushing myself to be braver in doing things that I'm afraid to do - one of those is competing.  And so here I am, writing this post and letting my alter-ego take over.

Browsing though the Zalora online shop made my heart skip a beat  many times.  There's just so much that I would want to buy if only I have the extra money to spend.  But, granting that this is a wishlist, I'd go further with the things that not only do I want to have but I think would definitely be worth spending on.

Here are my top picks:

1.  Freeway Short Dress
I love this dress because of its print.  I have always been fascinated with paintings and artworks but I haven't owned any authentic painting I might as well start with a dress.

2.  Kelsi Dagger High Heel Pumps

I do believe that every woman must have the basic stuff in her closet that works well for her.  Nude pumps are a classic as well as versatile so owning a pair would definitely complete my "basic stuff".
3.  Lulu Boxy Bag with Croc Design

Going out and having my kids in tow would be easier for me if I have a sling bag but I couldn't get myself to buying one since I still have other bags which I can use (mommy conscience talking here, lol).  Adding this to my wishlist would save me from future troubles, hehe.

4.  Martina Martina Statement Necklace

This statement necklace will definitely go a long way for me.  I can use it to dress up a simple shirt or add elegance to a dress.

5.  Robe di Kappa Short Sleeves Polo Shirt

I'm certain that this shirt will look good on my husband.  And being the one who pushed me to join the Zalora Wishlist contest, it is but right to give him something he could definitely use. =)

If you haven't joined the contest yet, you may want to shop at Zalora now.  I'm telling you there are lots of drool-worthy items not just for women but for the whole family as well.

Labor day trips and musings...

I have been to Divisoria only twice and both were very short trips.  That is why I have always wanted to go back and this time really explore the place.  I was able to convince my mom to go with me since I scheduled the trip on May 1 which is a holiday.  I intended to buy white sandos and pajamas for the boys as well as a "few" stuff for my husband and me.

We arrived at the place at around 3:30 in the afternoon and were surprised to see lots of people (we thought there'd be less buyers since it's a holiday but it was the other way around).  My mom's friend who accompanied us wanted to show us around Divi street itself since there are lots of cheap stuff there but unfortunately it began raining so we had no choice but to just stay inside one mall, the 168 mall.  My eyes popped as soon as we entered the place.  I was like a child eager to explore a toy store.  Having said that, I forgot to take pictures and only remembered that I wanted the trip documented minutes before leaving the place, lol..

We left 168 mall around 7:30 pm and decided to pass by S&R to check for an office chair for my husband. I was able to go home by 10:30 pm.

 Tita Edith, Mama and I (We had a good laugh upon seeing this pic.  It looks as if my head was cropped from another photo and was pasted on this one.)

checking jeans and shorts on sale before heading out.

men's shorts for Php800, mahal pa din so no thanks...
It was my first time to go to S&R and I'd probably be back...

If I hadn't gone shopping in Divi I would have definitely bought branded shirts for Enan here. 

wanted this for our backyard kaya lang it's 27k =(
Had a quick bite before heading home..I love the food selection at S&R and the prices are all sulit...I ordered for a bavarian filled churos and a cheesecake...

I also ended up eating this chicken with bacon and cheese sandwich after tasting how good it was...

comfortable Divi outfit..very light top from a dear friend and my mom's RL capri pants which I turned into shorts...

my super sulit haul...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Life got in the way...

I feel like it has been ages since I last opened this blog and read other's blog posts.  It has been two weeks since we arrived home and everything's great so far.  We have been enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  I find great joy being able to see the sun rise and watching it go down from our bedroom window. 

Let me share some snippets of our home...

these blocks are scattered on the floor everyday...

the console which my mom handed down to us is my favorite focal point in our house...

watching movies at night...

the kids are learning how to play with marbles...
The heat has been draining but we're not complaining.  It's nice to be home!!!  =)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sleeping positions...

When I was still single, I used to sleep in a fetal position.  Many say that how you position yourself to sleep says some things about you, and I believe that to be true.  But how about when you're already married?   Does your sleeping position with your spouse also tells some thing about the kind of relationship you have with each other?

I stumbled upon this photo on facebook and thought I might share it husband and I usually sleep in  The Spoon, The Pursuit, and the Sweetheart's Cradle.  Ooops, TMI, lol...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who am I...

I was back reading the posts of this lovely blogger named Christina and saw  the Who am I entry.  Being a Psychology major, I'm a sucker for these complete-the-sentence stuff and so I tried answering them myself...
Who I Am…
I am…33 years old.
I want…to be fit and healthy.
I have…a beautiful family that I'm thankful for.
I wish…to bring my kids to different places.
I hate…people who pretend to be someone they're not.
I fear…heights.
I hear…God's words.
I search…for inspiration.
I wonder…what life is like for someone who has it all.
I regret…not pursuing what I really aspire for.
I love…my family more than anything.
I ache…when I see ill children.
I always…panic!.
I usually...drink 3-4 cups of coffee daily.
I am not…as confident as I should be.
I dance…when I need to sweat, lol.
I sing…whenever I'm happy.
I never…question God.
I sometimes…bite my nails.
I cry…when I'm happy and when I'm sad.
I am not always…positive.
I lose…my temper when I couldn't find something I am looking for.
I am confused…by cyber-bullying.
I need…to always be assured.
I should…be active.

Who Are You?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

playing with colors...

My husband has been working in front of his computer until 4 in the morning...and I was playing dress up while waiting for him, hehe...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

purchase booboo remedy...

 I bought 2 tops from a low-cost store the other day.  It's not a thrift shop and it's not an outlet store either but they have a number of goods which are branded.  The top I got, according to the salesman, is from H&M's left-over stock from previous seasons.  But I'm not that sure.  As I was trying the clothes on at home, I noticed small stitches at the upper right part of the top. My face fell. I know I won't be able to return to the store and have it replaced because it's the only one left in my size.  I really love it's color and fit though.  I showed it to my husband and he suggested that I put a brooch or something to hide the stitch and I thought that was a good idea.
 8 riyals top

unnoticeable stitch (at first glance)

 I remembered I have a fancy pair of earrings which I don't get to use.  I got my left-over lace and made a flower out of it and stitched an earring at the center.  
I need to improve the flower's shape...
 At first I wanted to permanently attach the DIY flower to the shirt but decided to just pin it with a safety pin for easy washing.
finished product!

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