Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mischmash Blog Giveaway...

     I have always admired women who don't lose their sense of style even though they are already mothers.  I particularly like those who dress stylishly but appropriately.  One of those women I admire is Mikka of
A Mischmashed Life. She's one fashionable lady with an equally charming and adorable little daughter who has naturally inherited her mom's grace and style.  As a reader, I have already perceived her as successful multi-tasker since she can juggle motherhood, work, business, plus personal relationships.  And for that I admire her even more.

     I was thrilled to see that she is hosting a blog give-away and became even more excited  when I saw the items to be given away. Yey! See for yourself  and you might become giddier to join (and win!) than I am, hehe..head on over now to Mischmash Chic-kit-giveaway.

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