Saturday, May 5, 2012

Divisoria Finds 1

Before leaving the house, I already made a list of the things I would be looking for at Divisoria.  I wanted to write them down so as not to forget what I really need and not be overwhelmed with a lot of stuff and end up buying things which I don't really need and want. Good thing I had a list and stuck with them all through out because that place is one heck of a temptation island, lol.

If only we went to divisoria earlier and if it hadn't been raining, we could have roamed around the place and hopped from one mall to another without rushing.  But still, I was happy with my loots and I want to share them here.  I'll start with the skirts I bought.

sheer skirt with detachable belt (Php 280)
black skirt with mini pleats (Php280)

the belt is detachable ( a closer look at the belt, though, would tell you that it's made out of cheap materials, especially the plastic buckle)

the brown belt  is really part of the serves as its garterized waistband
the top is not from Divi...I bought it from an outlet store in Riyadh...
I can't recall the original price of the skirts.  I bought them from two different stalls and every time I'd make a purchase, Tita Edith would come to my side and haggle with the saleslady.  I think one of the perks in shopping at Divisoria is that you can haggle all you want and that is what I need to master if I want to stretch the value of my money.

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