Thursday, May 3, 2012

"My Zalora Wishlist"

I can say that I'm more of a blog reader than a blogger.  Yes, I do enjoy writing and sharing my own posts but I enjoy more reading about my favorite bloggers' posts about outfits, motherhood, or any musing under the sun.  It is through my daily blog reads that I got acquainted with  I am a fan of online shopping but being a mom of 3 with a household to maintain, I don't shop that often (no matter how much I want to, hehe).

Last week, I got an email from telling about the My Zalora Wishlist contest.  I got excited but as soon as I read the mechanics and the criteria for judging, I chickened out.  I told myself there's no way I could win this because I don't write well, I'm a boring blogger, etc. etc.  Then just today, as I was browsing the net sitting next to my husband, I mentioned the email and the contest.  He asked if I joined already and I told him I didn't and elaborated my reasons for not joining.  He encouraged me to join telling me that it's not about whether I'd win or not but pushing myself to be braver in doing things that I'm afraid to do - one of those is competing.  And so here I am, writing this post and letting my alter-ego take over.

Browsing though the Zalora online shop made my heart skip a beat  many times.  There's just so much that I would want to buy if only I have the extra money to spend.  But, granting that this is a wishlist, I'd go further with the things that not only do I want to have but I think would definitely be worth spending on.

Here are my top picks:

1.  Freeway Short Dress
I love this dress because of its print.  I have always been fascinated with paintings and artworks but I haven't owned any authentic painting I might as well start with a dress.

2.  Kelsi Dagger High Heel Pumps

I do believe that every woman must have the basic stuff in her closet that works well for her.  Nude pumps are a classic as well as versatile so owning a pair would definitely complete my "basic stuff".
3.  Lulu Boxy Bag with Croc Design

Going out and having my kids in tow would be easier for me if I have a sling bag but I couldn't get myself to buying one since I still have other bags which I can use (mommy conscience talking here, lol).  Adding this to my wishlist would save me from future troubles, hehe.

4.  Martina Martina Statement Necklace

This statement necklace will definitely go a long way for me.  I can use it to dress up a simple shirt or add elegance to a dress.

5.  Robe di Kappa Short Sleeves Polo Shirt

I'm certain that this shirt will look good on my husband.  And being the one who pushed me to join the Zalora Wishlist contest, it is but right to give him something he could definitely use. =)

If you haven't joined the contest yet, you may want to shop at Zalora now.  I'm telling you there are lots of drool-worthy items not just for women but for the whole family as well.

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