Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend...

     When my kids are happy, I am happy.  That's why instead of thinking about myself on Mother's day, my husband and I took them out for a day of play time.  We took them to Tagaytay and decided that instead of going inside the mini zoo at Residence Inn (where we've been to twice already), we let them enjoy the playing area, particularly the wall climbing activity, just right outside Residence Inn. 

     The five of us, together with my lolo and my niece Ella, arrived at Tagaytay at about 8 in the morning so that the kids could play even before the sun starts glaring.  Unfortunately, we learned that the wall climbing booth opens at 9am.  To kill time, the kids rode the horses.
    At 50 pesos per head with 3 turns, I think the price is good enough...

After the ride, we decided to have our breakfast first and come back afterwards.  We ate at Mushroom Burger which is sort of our snack haven everytime we're in Tagaytay.

 The simplicity of the place plus the delicious and nutritious food they offer are the things that endear us to this restaurant.  At the back is a small playground and garden you can roam.
How cute is this, two lolos playing with the kids, hehe...

We went back to Residence Inn at around 9:30 am and from there all hell broke loose...it was hard to stop the kid and as usual we kept on running after them, lol..

My eldest reaching the top of the wall and still can afford to smile (I thought he'll get so tired because just by looking at him ako ang napapagod...and natatakot).
My second son on top, too...

my bunso tried reaching for the top, too, but got tired..or scared (he wouldn't tell me, hehe) so he went down after reaching more than half of the wall...
even their cousin tried climbing..such a brave girl.
Imagine how high that wall is (atleast for me, hehe)! My heart was pounding and my hands are sweating just by watching them..praying that they be safe and yet cheering that they make it on top (sort of an achievement for them). For 100/person you can climb as many times as you want..superr affordable.

After wall climbing the kids then decided to try the laser gun (infrared) game.  Now, it took us a while before letting them play because ever since they were little, we don;t allow them to play with toy guns.  We don't buy them toy guns and we even discourage our family and friends to give them toy guns as gifts.  Nakakatakot kasi. But now that they are big enough to understand the dangers of guns, I think it's okay to let them experience this game.  But in the house, no toy guns pa din ang rule.

Laser gun shooting costs 50/per head. 

Sayang because we failed to capture the tarpaulin with the printed games and their prizes.  All I can remember is for 399/person you can go wall climbing, horseback riding, zipline ride, giraffe (not a real one but more of a skate bike) ride and laser gun shooting.  We didn't avail of the package that's why we forget to take a picture of the signage.

For less than 2,000 including our food at Mushroom Burger, I'd say it was a half day of fun not only for the kids but for my husband and lolo as well.  We were home a little before 1pm.

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  1. looks like you enjoyed your Tagaytay trip! Belated Happy Mother's Day! I love the pic with the lolo's playing with the kids :-) cool nag see-saw si lolo

  2. thanks sis..nag enjoy talaga kame, especially the kids..Belated happy mom's day to you too pretty sis! =)

  3. Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X


  4. hi Ioana-Carmen! You have beautiful pictures..am already following you! =)


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