Saturday, May 29, 2010

outfit post: JUSTIFICATION

at 31, sometimes I cringe at myself for posting pictures of my outfits (before, in facebook and now here)..but hey, before i was a mother and a wife, i was first a girl who loves to dress up so that i could feel good about myself and show my confidence to others..besides, blogs (fashion blogs and outfit blogs in particular)were not yet known during my teens and early the time all these things popped up in cyberspace i was too busy building the foundation of a loving family i have now plus i don't have the luxury of time to go online that time with 3 young kids less than 2 years apart, plus a very demanding teaching job..

so bear with me for this is the only way of amusing myself (being a stay-at-home mom and tutor to 3 homeschooled kids and loving wife to my husband plus ironlady, cleaning lady(except for the bathroom-my husband does that)and the fact that we live in Saudi Arabia) and somehow retain the person that i am, hehe...obviously, this blah, blah, blah is followed by outfit pics, lol...

what i'm wearing: department store white top, hubby's old pants converted into my shorts =), maphisto white shoes, brown longchamp le pliage cabas bag, cheap watch i got from shola shopping center, fresh water pearl bracelet from kulturang pilipino...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

we are family: an experiment with an unlikely outcome

last week the kids made a simple science experiment (they are homeschooled) - the very basic yet widely used bean/monggo experiment. after following the step-by-step instruction, i took pictures of the boys holding their cups and what the inside of the cups look like so that we could compare the before and after pics. we placed them just outside their bedroom window since it's the only place in our flat where the sun could actually peak in. everyday they would take a look at their cups to observe the changes. then on the third day...THE CUPS WERE GONE! WHAT?!? arghhh...who the hell would take interest in 3 used cups? the kids were quite disappointed but i was more upset..i really wanted them to see how the monggo seeds would turn out..lesson learned: never leave anything outside your window - especially if your flat is on the ground floor..BOO! =(

Sunday, May 23, 2010

outfit post

since i'm not well-versed in blogging (particularly in customizing) i decided to categorize my posts from the title. right now i can only think of 5 categories namely: we are family, outfit post, emotera, (not) a review and real trips.

i'll start with outfit post..this is what i wore last weekend..

ramdom brand striped cream cardigan, no boundaries tank top, giordano straight cut jeans, pull and bear bangles, rado watch, manels nude maryjane heels, Life! bag..

the bag i was wearing was actually my laptop bag..i fell in love with it the minute i saw it cause it's so neat and classy..i often use it as a carry-on bag during flights 'cause it can squeeze in my 15.4" laptop, my enormous handy-dandy notebook, wallet, 2 digital cameras, my cell fone, my kikay kit, hairbrush, shades, prescription glasses plus other abubots and some kid stuff (talk about bag abuse!) i got it from Jarir Bookstore last year..i can't recall if it's 130 or 149 saudi riyals..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

how it came to be..

i have always been fascinated with images of celebrities and ordinary people strutting their own styles. I like looking at people's ordinary day get-up to get inspiration on what i would normally wear..i have been lurking around,, and the likes. Last year, i discovered and WHAM! i found my's so refreshing to see ordinary girls looking oh-so-fabulous..from the simplest outfit to the more edgy ones..i was in love! it has become part of my daily routine to check out the site. then I decided to create my own account but then i chickened out..yes, i'm shy..really i haven't posted any picture of myself there yet..then i saw personal blogs from some of it's members and began looking at their blogs everyday, too..then i decided to create this blog just so i could comment on them - then, yes oh yes, i chickened out again..i don't know..but everytime i want to write down something to compliment them i get really really i don't really know what this blog is for, now it's more of a personal online journal for me..but then again, you can never take away fashion from me or my love for it since i'm sort of "anonymous" in the blogosphere, then i'll just post my weekly outfits here, teehee! nothing fantabulous really, just a way of expressing myself..special mention to the girls of thepinktarha blog for inspiring me to become active in this blogging thing..=)

so here's what i wore (under the abaya) last week-end when my boys and i went strolling down the park..

twiggy dress from mypinkcloset, GQ white shorts, janeo nude flats, accessories from pull and bear

Saturday, May 15, 2010

mommy madness

i have to matter how devoted i am in taking care of my kids and my husband, there comes a time when i feel burnt i need a little shopping to lift my spirits up..hehehe...

here are some images I got from the web which put a smile on my face this morning because they somehow represent who i am, what i love and what matters to me most in life..the chaotic, catastrophic, mad but joyful, fulfilling and blessed (in so many, many ways) world of mommyhood!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my prescription glasses fell and broke while i was in the philippines, so upon returning to riyadh i had it replaced..

i'm so excited to wear my new glasses (even if it means using it only in front of the computer, hehe)..

but the real catch is i got this beauty for free! (READ: courtesy of hubby's company's insurance)..if converted to peso this D&G baby costs roughly around P11,000 - fact: everything 'round here is tax-free..

i wonder how much this would have cost me if i bought it in the P.I. - where everything is overpriced!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

something new and something to let go...

i'm in love with this dress and my mom likes it, too..i'll have it shipped to her this week..i'm having a hard time letting it go but hubby doesn't like it on me so i made up my mind to say bye...(what a dirty mirror, tsk!)

anyway, loving the new bangles i got from pull and bear =)

**crappy photos- i'm only using a point and shoot camera...
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