Thursday, May 20, 2010

how it came to be..

i have always been fascinated with images of celebrities and ordinary people strutting their own styles. I like looking at people's ordinary day get-up to get inspiration on what i would normally wear..i have been lurking around,, and the likes. Last year, i discovered and WHAM! i found my's so refreshing to see ordinary girls looking oh-so-fabulous..from the simplest outfit to the more edgy ones..i was in love! it has become part of my daily routine to check out the site. then I decided to create my own account but then i chickened out..yes, i'm shy..really i haven't posted any picture of myself there yet..then i saw personal blogs from some of it's members and began looking at their blogs everyday, too..then i decided to create this blog just so i could comment on them - then, yes oh yes, i chickened out again..i don't know..but everytime i want to write down something to compliment them i get really really i don't really know what this blog is for, now it's more of a personal online journal for me..but then again, you can never take away fashion from me or my love for it since i'm sort of "anonymous" in the blogosphere, then i'll just post my weekly outfits here, teehee! nothing fantabulous really, just a way of expressing myself..special mention to the girls of thepinktarha blog for inspiring me to become active in this blogging thing..=)

so here's what i wore (under the abaya) last week-end when my boys and i went strolling down the park..

twiggy dress from mypinkcloset, GQ white shorts, janeo nude flats, accessories from pull and bear

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