Thursday, May 27, 2010

we are family: an experiment with an unlikely outcome

last week the kids made a simple science experiment (they are homeschooled) - the very basic yet widely used bean/monggo experiment. after following the step-by-step instruction, i took pictures of the boys holding their cups and what the inside of the cups look like so that we could compare the before and after pics. we placed them just outside their bedroom window since it's the only place in our flat where the sun could actually peak in. everyday they would take a look at their cups to observe the changes. then on the third day...THE CUPS WERE GONE! WHAT?!? arghhh...who the hell would take interest in 3 used cups? the kids were quite disappointed but i was more upset..i really wanted them to see how the monggo seeds would turn out..lesson learned: never leave anything outside your window - especially if your flat is on the ground floor..BOO! =(

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