Saturday, May 29, 2010

outfit post: JUSTIFICATION

at 31, sometimes I cringe at myself for posting pictures of my outfits (before, in facebook and now here)..but hey, before i was a mother and a wife, i was first a girl who loves to dress up so that i could feel good about myself and show my confidence to others..besides, blogs (fashion blogs and outfit blogs in particular)were not yet known during my teens and early the time all these things popped up in cyberspace i was too busy building the foundation of a loving family i have now plus i don't have the luxury of time to go online that time with 3 young kids less than 2 years apart, plus a very demanding teaching job..

so bear with me for this is the only way of amusing myself (being a stay-at-home mom and tutor to 3 homeschooled kids and loving wife to my husband plus ironlady, cleaning lady(except for the bathroom-my husband does that)and the fact that we live in Saudi Arabia) and somehow retain the person that i am, hehe...obviously, this blah, blah, blah is followed by outfit pics, lol...

what i'm wearing: department store white top, hubby's old pants converted into my shorts =), maphisto white shoes, brown longchamp le pliage cabas bag, cheap watch i got from shola shopping center, fresh water pearl bracelet from kulturang pilipino...

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