Thursday, June 3, 2010

outfit post: I BET NOT!

before my husband went and worked here in riyadh, he worked as a college instructor in a state university for a year. during their school's annual foundation celebration he was given a freebie shirt. and that freebie shirt became one of my favorite shirts of all time.. i don't know..but there's just something about it that makes me feel like a "mowdel" everytime i put it on, hehehe..sort of like "blusang itim" lol...

i wore it when we went grocery shopping yesterday..leggings and oversized shirts/tops are my comfort clothes when i don't feel like dressing up..

now if only the prints on the shirt would read 'MODELS, INC.' then everything will be perfect,'s free to dream anyway! =)

2 made connections:

  1. Hi! Thank you for visiting our blog and commenting. Wow, we found another blogger from Riyadh also, nice! :) How is your stay in this city so far? We hope to read more of your adventures. Take care! :)

    The Pink Tarha Ladies

    PS. Is your blog a part of the KABLOGS ( already? Would you like to be a part of it? We'll put your URL. :)

  2. hi ladies! seriously speaking, it's only after finding and reading your blog that i got to appreciate riyadh(the entirety of it, hehe)..and yes! i would love to be part of KABLOGS - i saw it in your page and i added it in my fb acct..i tried joining but i don't know how (i'm still getting the hang of the whole blogging thing and i still get dizzy trying to figure things out, lol. Many, many thanks!!! =)


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