Tuesday, June 8, 2010

real trips: DRESS OVERLOAD

when it comes to clothes, i'd choose a dress over a pair of jeans any time. but it was only recently that i learned about the basic dress cuts, seriously. While watching a re-run of Rachel Ray, one of the segments caught my attention and dragged me to get my handy-dandy (read: humongous) notebook and pen.

in my own little way, let me present to you 5 different types of dress cuts we can choose from depending on our body types..

note: in as much as i would love to rummage my clothes to give examples, i don't have enough dresses with me right now as the bulk of them were left in the Philippines . so i just opted to search the web for images. here they are...

A-LINE - fitted top, flared bottom to ignore the waist and hips

for the pear-shaped or bottom-heavy, this is a good choice 'cause it accentuates the trunk. (plus, A-line dresses always make me feel like a real lady - or a princess to an extent (no, make that queen! haha)

photo from omg.yahoo.com

Ruy Sanchez-Blanco (www.glamour.com)

SHEATH - close fitting dress to suggest the form and curve of a woman's body

if one's athletic or muscular, then this is the perfect dress cut. (I can wear it to cocktail parties but i'm not really into form-fitting clothes - make me feel very uncomfortable)

photo by Todd Selby (www.glamour.com)


SHIRT DRESS - now labeled as a universal outfit due to its versatility (can be worn with jeans, leggings, with or without belt) and can suit almost all figures

this dress makes one feel relaxed. it can be casual and chic at the same time..it can be worn in the office, while running errands, day at the beach, etc, etc.. (my personal favorite!)


from stylebible.ph

TRAPEZE - triangle-shaped dress, not fitted, no waist (but can also be worn with a belt)

for those not comfortable showing bulges in the stomach area then this is the dress for you. it gives attention to the arms and legs so it makes one feel sexy even if it's a loose dress. (i also like this style - sexy yet conservative)


photo from totallyher.com

WRAP DRESS - a "girl's suit". it has got to be the most timeless dress style in a woman's wardrobe

it acentuates curves and gives a slimming image thus it's great for curvy women.

wrap dress photos from dealrocker.blogspot.com

that's me on the left(standing) wearing a trapeze dress. that was back in the Philippines last February when i attended my co-teacher and close friend's daughter's (center, standing) 18th birthday party..

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  1. oo pretty u! I love all the cuts. amazing!

  2. Love the dresses

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

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