Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Delight!

Wednesday is the last day of the workweek here in KSA and so we have made it into a habit of going grocery shopping on Wednesday nights so that by Thursday and Friday, we can go whereever we want or just stay at home and relax. It is also during Wednesdays that the kids and I are excited because we know we would again indulge in a weekend of mouthful satisfaction. I have an "exaggerated" sweet tooth and i think i passed it on to all of my kids. My husband is really not into sweet stuffs but he joins us whenever we are in "those craving sessions". But aside from the usual cake, chocolate and ice cream indulgence, we also love lots of Filipino desserts (you can eat most filipino sweets any time of the day!) which we buy from Pinoy (slang name for Filipino) Bakery. It's not as authentic as the ones in the Philippines but it's as close to the real thing as we can get so we are not really complaining! =)

this is where we usually go grocery shopping especially when we are in the "all-Filipino mode" since it's like a one-stop place (Pinoy restaurant, bakery and grocery).

the treats!

My favorite Cassava Cake ( a classic Filipino dessert made from grated cassava or manioc, a woody shrub where the starch that is used to make tapioca are derived -

Paolo's fave Sapin-Sapin (a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert in Filipino cuisine. It is made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, water, and coloring with coconut flakes sprinkled on top. Sapin-sapin means "layers" and the dessert is recognizable for its layers, each colored separately - wikipedia).

Matti's Cuchinta ( Rice flour is mixed with water, dark brown sugar and lye water then poured into moulds. Kutsinta (or cuchinta) is cooked by steaming. Served with niyog (grated coconut)

Sammy's Hopia (a bean filled pastry. The most popular flaky hopia is Hopiang mungo and as its name implies, is filled with sweet split mungo bean paste - wikipedia)

I'll end this for now..we have a whole lot of eating to do! =)

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  1. Oh my goodness! Yummy! I have got to start my diet! I keep seeing all of these wonderful blogs and yummy stuff and how can I start?! Don't eat too much all at once! :)

    Mama Hen


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