Wednesday, June 30, 2010

feels so good...

I'm so happy today!!!

I woke up early to prepare a lot of things because this is going to be a very busy day for the whole family. The kids will be joining Kids Camp later. It'll be their first social activity here in Riyadh. Despite juggling lots of chores, here I am typing away in my blog bacause i'm so excited..the wonderful Mama Hen of (such an AWESOME mommy blog, i tell you) gave me the Cherry On Top Award! YEY!!! I just couldn't let this moment pass! =)

I have to thank the one who gave me this award: I'm telling you Mama Hen, THANK YOU is not enough..let me extend to you a big HUG =)

I believe I have to write down 3 things i love about myself so here it goes...
1. I love having this kind of family, i am truly blessed..not everyone gets to experience this kind of bliss in family life =)
2. I love that I have a very strong relationship with God - I know that He gave me all these wonderful blessings which I am enjoying now..
3. I love that I'm a loving and kindhearted person (tell me if you think otherwise, hehe)..

Then I need to post a picture that I love (can i make that 2?)

I love this picture with my Grandmother..she and my grandpa live with us =)
notice her forcing a smile..this was the day that the kids and I left the Philippines (look at the mess behind us)..Whenever we'd call she always says she misses the kids so badly..
(FACT: My "LOLA" slept beside me since i was a little girl 'til the day she had to pass the torch to my husband, hehe)

This is my dearest "LOLO" (grandpa)..He taught me a lot of things..
Back in the Philippines, he would always buy stuff for the boys =)

so i have to pass this award to another five...
I would love to pass it on to Mommy Neel of, the ladies of, Miss Leah of, Denise of, and Indiana of
These are fabulous women with great blogs!!! =)

Now i need to get back to work...superfast! =)

5 made connections:

  1. Not only are you a lola's girl but a lolo's as well... love these pics of you with them... so beautiful! Congrats on the award and thank you for sharing it with me. You are so sweet! xoxo

  2. Hi Ms. Jeel,

    This is Sundrenched from the Pink Tarha. Thank you for always visiting and commenting in our blog. And thank you for this award. We love it. We'll make a post soon. In a more personal note, I also grew up with my grandparents (mom's side) and I love them so much. We share lots of things in common, haha!

    Again, thank you. We love reading your blog too. Keep the entries coming! ♥

    - S

  3. hey thats really sweet of u! Thank u sooo much
    I am def gonna post it on my blog.

  4. Thank you so much for the award! I'll be sure to answer the questions tomorrow! You're so kind!
    -Indiana@Adored Austin.


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