Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living the Life means?

      I have a mini notebook where I put all the things that i do not want to forget like my musings, things I'm going to buy, even my dreams and frustrations at times.  It's not a diary (though I grew up having my diaries and journals) but more of a scratch book.  I was about to write the things that we're supposed to do in the Philippines when we go on vacation when I noticed a page where I wrote "Living the Life means...".  It's blank.  I do remember writing it down last year, around April or May.  Back then I don't know what to write down because whenever I hear the phrase "living the life", for me it means living grand.  And we are by far, not living that way.  So I decided to fill the page with what for me "now" does living the life mean and here are what I jotted down.

"Living the Life" means...

1.  Having our dream house.
     We already have a house and lot of our own but we acquired it years before my husband worked here in Riyadh and the house was pre-built.  I was happy with it at first but now that our boys have grown bigger, the space is no longer enough for us. There are 3 bedrooms and one of them is being occupied by our maid.  The biggest room is the master bedroom and the other room used to be the boys' room but since they are 3 it has become smaller for them and now it's sort of become a storage na lang.  So now we're planning on either tearing the whole house down and build a new one or moving to another subdivision.

2.  Traveling (on a budget since we're 5) to different countries once every 2 years.

3.  Splurge on something once a year.

4.  Sending the kids to a good college/university without feeling the burden of high tuition fees.

5.  Buying a car or two in cash and changing/upgrading it every 4 or 5 years.

6.  Having one lifelong business that we can pass on to our children and having 2 small businesses.

7.  Savings (1 passive and 1 for emergencies).

     Looking at my list, they're pretty basic, right? But those are just what I want to be able to actually say I'm living the life.  But of course, we need to settle in the Philippines first which we plan to do in two years..two more years and we're outta here, hopefully! =)

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