Saturday, September 4, 2010

it's not that bad after all!

"When not-so-good things happen, you can only give praise and thanksgiving to God that nothing worst occured.  It makes you feel a bit better!"

That's what i posted in facebook today...

Earlier, we discovered that our car window was broken and that our car stereo was would have been a really bad day except that since we joined this certain community, our perspective about things have been gradually changing..and i'm thankful for that. So instead of wallowing and having our day ruined, we just look at the positive side of things and be grateful that after all, it's just a minor thing if you think about it..

Anyway, i have finished another DIY involves hubby's old shirts (again) and transformed them into my very own shirt dresses, haha..

they used to be hubby's office shirts

i used only back stitches for the sides and the arm hole edges..

i finished handsewing it on thursday night and by friday i was already wearing one of them..  a couple of friends noticed it and were surprised to find out it's DIY. It makes me happy that they find the idea interesting and told me they're gonna try it on their hubby's clothes (old clothes, that is! haha). =)

the boys and i...

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. wow thats so talented! i should try that sometime! very great idea!

    about ur car sorry to hear that! at least they didn't steal anything else or hurt someone! call the insuraunce company they might replace it!



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