Sunday, November 21, 2010

trip to the zoo

The Hajj holiday, where muslims make a pilgrimage to the city of Meccah, has just ended.  And while most of our friends enjoyed a week-long vacation and some fun in the Baher Villas, our family was stuck at home with the usual daily routines since my husband needed to work overtime (but with holiday pay, of course).

the following pictures (grabbed from a friend) show where we're supposed to have gone for the holidays with our friends...

The Baher Villa (baher means seashore)  is a 5 hour drive away from the city of Riyadh where the temperature remains humid just like in the city of Jeddah.  During this autumn season when you could very much feel the onset of the winter breeze here in Riyadh, isn't it fun to soak in the sun? anyway, there's always the next time...

We didn't want to disappoint the kids so we had a trip to Riyadh Zoo instead. We actually enjoyed the afternoon running around  and eating ice cream =)

The kids' fave were the elephants and the monkeys but if you ask me, i love the flamingos the most =)

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  1. Is there a zoo in Saudi Arabia? I never knew that.


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