Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(emotera) women: because we care about so many, we have to take care of ourselves!

i truly and honestly believe that women are the stronger sex than men. yes, physically we do have our limitations but other than that, we can totally stand on our own unlike them.

two years ago, i remember waking up in the middle of the night with so much pain. i tapped my husband and told him about what i was feeling. eyes half-closed, he immediately told me "magpray ka" (say a prayer) then he went back to sleep. i cried that night..because i felt like no one cares for me =(. The next morning, I told him about what happend and we just laughed about it. It became a running joke between us eversince - telling each other "magpray ka" everytime one gets sick..

there was this tv commercial with a line saying "Pag nanay ka, bawal magkasakit" (if you're a mom, you have no right to get sick) - and that's true, atleast for me. When I don't feel well, i still manage to do things inside the house, even if we have someone to help us out. Just last week, i had a terrible case of colds..but after taking 2 tablets of bioflu, i got better after 2 days - take note: i didnt really have ample rest during that time. I still wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, etc..i even managed to do the laundry.

now, my husband's down with a flu ( for 2 days now). He's in bed right now, sleeping like a baby.. i haven't had enough sleep for 2 nights now because i'm constantly monitoring him. i'm just like that when one of our children or my husband is sick..i stay up all night to check on them. Plus, my husband acts like a child whenever he's sick, haha..so imagine how hurt i was when he just told me to pray when i was sick, lol...he doesn't fail to show his appreciation for my taking care of him though..As tired as i am, i'm not complaining..because it feels good that someone needs me, someone relies on me - kaya bawal magkasakit!!! =)

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