Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

it's the time of the year again when almst everyone starts thinking of gift ideas for christmas..well, to turn the table a little, i decided to think of whta i want to get this christmas instead of what i would be giving, haha..

here they are:

1. book - the diary of a young girl by anne frank
2. book - the devil wears prada by lauren weisberger
3. book - confessions of a shopaholic by sophie kinsela
4. shoes - schu's black pumps with detachable spats
5. phone - blackberry or nokia e63 =)
6. food - blueberry cheesecake or chocolate mousse (un buo ha, hindi isang slice, hehe)
7. gift certificate to a spa treatment (pwede din cash ibigay, haha)
8. damet pampasko (new clothes) for my 3 kids (top and bottom ha)
9. vintage notebook/laptop bag (brown)
10. trip and treat to an ukay-ukay store, weeehh

1 made connections:

  1. i got the 3 books you mentioned.
    my fave among them is the diary of a young girl. Great great book, beyond her years,

    If she lived today, she would be the best blogger ever.

    have a great day. hope you get all these in xmas

    I Am Denise Katipunera


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