Thursday, April 1, 2010

of thinking too much...

why is it that happiness is superficial? why do i oftentimes see my life as sad when everything is in its right place? why is it easy for me to be so affected? can't i just live my life without thinking of other people? can i just don't mind them?

come to think of it, you cannot please everybody..even the kindest of the kindest will always have people against them or those who are being friendly friends with them but say bad things once they turn their backs.

oh well, life is too short to worry and to defend yourself from a battle which hasn't started yet..

ok, i'll let it slide and not dwell on negativity anymore...besides, it's time for me to think about what hassles might happen in our flight next week..TOINK!!!

IN THE PHOTO: my youngest 4 years ago..i wish i'm like that now..he seems so carefree and happy!!! =)

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