Monday, April 12, 2010

we're all in this together...

back in riyadh, ksa..but this time i brought all kids with me unlike before when i only tag along our youngest..imagine me at the airport with three kids in tow..thank heavens i was assisted by an airline personnel right from paying the travel tax up to the time we got to the our flight transfer in Hong Kong i was fetched by another airline personnel so that we wouldn't have to go through the usual long lines..the kids and i were led to another immigration booth where only us were inspected then off we went to the terminal to wait for our flight..i always make sure i'm prepared when travelling with the kids so i brought pens and paper for them to while away time while waiting for our flight.. good thing my kids cooperated quite well..we were met by my husband at King Khaled airport =)

our house is always noisy now, hehe..but i'm not complaining..atleast this time no one was left behind...

first pic: wearing the abaya..
second pic: my two older kids running at IKEA parking lot

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