Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do miracles really happen? I hope so...

I've always been conscious about the way I look but you can never really force me into splurging on costly clothes, beauty products and the likes. I can't even imagine myself getting a haircut for more than Php150 or around USd4, haha. I have never been to a spa either- much as I would love to, the cost of it hampers me. But then as you age, your whole perspective in life also changes..not that I'm ready to splurge right on - not yet. I have always had problems with my skin - especially on my face - since I have sensitive skin. Now that I'm aging - I believe being 30 is =) - I really do need some reinforcements. I've always wanted to buy Pond's Age Miracle Cream but again, it costs a lot. Yesterday, I finally had the courage to shell out SR45 or approximately Php500 for a 50g cream. I felt really sad upon leaving the store because i could have bought so many stuff with 45 saudi riyals. I tried the product today and I couldn't contain my excitement I e-mailed my husband in the office right away..it really is different! From the first rub down to how my face feels and looks after, it definitely is worth the price..I'm more excited to see the result after a week or so..I hope my skin will look radiant by then (fingers crossed =0 )

P.S. if it works well i'm definitely gonna invest in other Pond's Age Miracle products, yey!!!

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