Monday, October 19, 2009

men's shirt

Whenever I go out, I usually feel excited because I love dressing up or dressing down. I usually decide on what to wear a day before and sometimes I have my 'pre-wear' (I fit in my clothes before i actually wear them for an event or an occassion -don't know if there's a right term for that.

Most of my clothes were left in the Philippines since I only stay here every other six months. With limited clothes, I usually become bored with my outfits..that's when I had the idea of transforming my husband's old clothes into mine.

The first pic shows my husband's short-sleeved polo turned into a sleeveless shirtdress. I wore it with a high-waisted shorts (formerly my husband's black long pants).

The second pic also shows the shirtdress, i even made the cut-out sleeves into a belt, haha.

I'm enjoying this project so much that my husband fears of losing all his clothes to mine, lol...

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