Sunday, October 18, 2009

who wants milk?

I first encountered Laban last year when we went grocery shopping and picked up a gallon of fresh milk. The following day, I poured some milk in a glass only to find out it tastes spoiled. I asked my husband that we should return or exchange the gallon for a new one because it's already expired. Upon getting his hand on the gallon, he told me there's nothing wrong with it except that it's not the regular fresh milk i picked up but Laban. Fresh laban is 100% full fat pure cow's milk. But whatever it is, i don't care because I don't like it...

Then last week we attended a simple luncheon party and a few friends there were talking about how good their skin look and how fit their bodies are. Then the word laban popped out! Curious, I began to ask questions. They said laban is good for those with irregular bowel movement (like me!), those with oily skin (like me, again!), and those who want to lose wait and maintain it (omg, me again!!!). They also said get i'd get used to its taste once I become a regular drinker.

So, being determined to reap the benefits of my once dreaded milk, I decided to give it a try..hmmm, come to think of it, it doesn't taste that bad and I can even compare it with a yogurt, haha..well, let's see how long i can keep it up! =) btw, there are different brands of laban here in Riyadh, KSA. I got the Almarai one. I'm not sure though if we have local brands in the Philippines or even imported ones..

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