Monday, October 26, 2009

sweet escape

I wish when i'm depressed I could say I don't have the appetitie to eat because that is so not the case with appetite doesn't get affected by how I feel.
Today i feel super sleepy..i don't know why..i've had a good amount of sleep last night I was wondering why i keep on hitting the sack almost the whole day today.. i must have slipped in slumberland around three to four times.
What is so unusual today that I feel so lazy and heavy? Then it hit me..earlier in the day I received an email about our ringnecks back in the Philippines. They flew away because their nest was somehow rotten because of the constant rain. I was sad this morning.. that's it! That's the reason why i kept on sleeping.
I realized that my coping mechanism to sadness is 'sleep' - i can recall so many instances wherein i just sleep and sleep after i cry so's as if the pain goes away atleast temporarily..
so what about you? what is your escape from sadness? =)

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