Thursday, August 19, 2010

birthdays,minor problems and happy endings...

i have a feeling this will be a long post if i'll write it in paragraph form so i've opted for bullets =)
  • 5:00pm we are preaparing to go out of the house for a quick errand then we're supposed to go to a friend's birthday dinner
  • 5:30pm electricity went off..hubby checked the switch, breaker, etc..then found out only our unit's electricity is out.
  • 6:00pm we quickly got dressed - original errand was aborted..
  • 6:30pm left the house to go to another friend's house. PLAN: Enan will just drop us off then he will go to our flat's AKARI (real estate office) to report the problem
  • 6:45pm we're already at our friend's place..hubby then decided to just attend the party with us and we'll just leave early to go to AKARI together
  • 7:45pm already at the party..see photos =)

worry-free, hehe
  •   9:45pm left the party..on our way home, hubby called the AKARI office about our situation. they assured us they're going to send someone to check..
  •   10:45pm still waiting for the electrician. SCENE: we're all in our receiving area, total darkness, we left our front door open.  a friend keeps on calling to check on us and insists we stay at their place for the night..
  • 11:10 AKARI informed us that only the Electric company can fix the problem since we're the only unit without electricity.. we tried to call Saudi Electric Company but couldn't get through..hubby decided to just take the matter in his own hands and called an electrician within the area.
  • 11:45 ELECTRICITY'S BACK! thank you God! =)
        turns out there's another breaker in the building we didn't know about and it tripped..yeah! it just tripped..and all the electrician had to do was to push it up.  TOINK!!!

        What matters is we learned not to stress ourselves too much..and the fact that we have friends who are really concerned for us and are willing to help out somehow made all things a bit easy..
God is truly amazing...He really makes a way! =)

note: my story-telling skill sucks, haha...

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  1. Hey there! I really don't like losing electricity! It really is a pain in the neck! I am glad you did not stress and that you were able to have fun and that you were also able to get it back soon. Have a great weekend my friend!

    Mama Hen


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