Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crocodile Hunt...

     No, not a real crocodile but the brand, lol...

     Some of our friends bought a bag from Lacoste last August 2011.  I like the bag but not enough for me to really buy one for myself.  More and more friends were convinced to buy the bag especially last 2 weeks ago when it went on sale.  Last Thursday night, one of our couple friends came over and my girl friend was toting another lacoste bag but this time it got me interested because it's colored gray.  So the following day, together with our couple friends (they wanted to show their support for me daw! lol), we headed towards Panorama mall.  Unfortunately, the bags were sold out so we tried to look at their Olaya branch.  We got there just in time for the 6:30 salat (prayer time) and the store was already closed.  We peeked through the glass door and saw only 2 bags but in a different design and no color gray.  We didn't stop there and tried our luck in Hyat Mall only to find out that the Lacoste store there is already closed (we're not sure though if it's undergoing renovation or it's already closed for business).  I'm already feeling frustrated at that time when they decided to go back to Olaya Street.  There were only 2 colors left, navy and black and the staff said the sale ends that day.  It wasn't the design I liked because it's smaller but I figured it's still roomy plus it's cheaper than the one I liked.  The regular price of the bag I wanted was SR600.  My friends got them on sale for SR420.  The one I bought was priced at 540 and the sale price was at SR324.  And guess what, since it's cheaper, I got 2, hehe..
Roll bag.  I bought the 2 remaining colors, black and navy.  Originally priced at SR540 each, I got the navy one for SR324 and the black one for SR282.  I don't know why the black's cheaper.
It's very roomy that I can put all my stuff (read: trash) inside. 



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