Thursday, February 9, 2012

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     After the ridiculously wallet damaging (LOL) sale craze here in Riyadh, it's time for shops to introduce the latest items this season.  I've already mentioned that I'm loyal to 3 or 4 max brands we frequently see in the malls here and one of them is H&M.  Who wouldn't love it, with it's always on trend styles and affordability plus eco-friendly materials, you could never go wrong.

I didn't know H&M has their own cosmetic line until last month when a friend bought a pack of lip glosses, eye palette and others at an affordable price.
my favorite color palette.  I am in love with those red trousers (available in other colors as well) and what surprised me is that it is priced only at SR49, winner!
 Check out their website here for other fab items. 

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