Sunday, March 11, 2012

what goes on in the head of an almost 33 years old mom and wife...

In a few days, I will be celebrating my birthday.  At first I wanted to just post a wish list but changed my mind.  I feel like wishes are unattainable that's why we call it 'wish'.  If something is reachable and possible then we should call it 'to buy list' or 'as simple as 'to do list', lol.

Anyway, I don't give a big fuss over birthdays, at least my birthday.  The only time I had a birthday party was on my 7th birthday.  It was fun and all but for a dreamy and almost OC girl like me, it was sort of a disappointment.  Why? because of my birthday cake! The cake that my mom bought for me was not meant for a child's birthday but for an adult - it was cream colored with no decoration whatsoever.  It was a rushed party, I think, so they bought whatever was available.  From then on, my mom would just give me birthday money and I would just treat my friends out.  I thought I wanted to have a grand 18th debut party but after attending several parties of my friends and overhearing negative side comments from guests here and there like "the food isn't that good", "why is she wearing that gown?", the venue sucks" etc, etc.,  I decided that I don't want a debut party anymore.  My mom  gave me 20,000 pesos instead and I went shopping (silly me! I regret not saving some in the bank).  She even gifted me with a car. 

Sorry, I digress.  My birthday this year seems special.  No, I won't be having a party.  With us settling back home this summer, I'm planning of going back to the work force.  I'm still undecided whether to teach again or try the corporate world this time.  But weighing things down, I'm leaning towards teaching more.  My 'to do list' this year includes applying as a university instructor in a state university near our place and then continuing my Master's Degree there.  I once taught in a university, De La Salle - Dasmarinas. I taught second year and fourth year irregular students with Psychology subjects.  But being a newly grad and having a number of students older than me, I was overwhelmed.  I'll try my hands on it again this year.  Okay, now I think I'm killing you with boredom. =)

Here's my 'To Do List' @ 33:
1.  Work again
2.  Finish Master's Degree in Social Psychology or maybe something related to education
3.  Convert one bedroom into the kid's entertainment/play room
4.  Redecorate the master bedroom and install wooden closets
5.  Have one on one dates with the kids
6.  Save!

I find it weird that I don't have any 'to buy' things in mind, hehehe...

Ohh, and receiving gifts wouldn't hurt either! =)

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