Monday, July 19, 2010

task #2

"the meaning behind your blogger name."

While it's true that eversince i was in highschool i have always pictured myself as a loving housewife and a doting mom to my would-be family, in real life you'd get sort of a rollercoaster ride of emotions while you're at it..

I named this blog "A Drama Queen Housewife's Tale" because for one, i'm really a cry-baby, i tend to be paranoid, i usually worry a lot (most times about things that shouldn't bother me at all), second, as a SAHM this blog gives me something to do for my self, i could vent out if i want to, and leaves me a sense of identity (what i want, how i feel and who i am apart from being a mom and wife), and lastly, i want to share what life is here in the kingdom (atleast from our family's perspective).

Have a great day everyone!!! =)

2 made connections:

  1. This is neat to see why you named your blog this name! I am sensitive too and can cry easily if my feelings get hurt. It means we have a lot of love and we care! That is how I look at it! I hope you have a great Monday!

    Mama Hen

  2. you're right mama hen..when i was younger i used to wish i'm not this sensitive (since i get hurt too easily) but as i get older and more mature, i thank God because He made me this way..we are full of love and affection and we're not afraid to express it, hehe..


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