Friday, July 23, 2010

time for six...

i missed my blog regimen (that is reading all the wonderful posts of blogs i follow!) this morning since we need to get out of the house early to attend some activity..
before i proceed to my 6th task, let me just say Thank You to Mama Hen of for the Blogger Buddy Award..honestly, Mama Hen's blog gives me lots of insights about parenthood- the simple yet priceless joys of motherhood to be exact..and being a SAHM, her blog never fails to give me positive energy to start my day right and deal with my lovable little monsters, hehe..

now on to day 6: "favorite superhero and why"
i would love to say my favorite superhero is supergirl because she represents my inner strength, confidence, blah blah blah...but i would be lying.. haha..

i grew up drooling over this nerdy man..

so favorite superhero is of course, none other than SUPERMAN!

why? because of the very shallow reason that he's HOT! hahaha!

i forgot where i got the supergirl pic (sorry..)

dear husband, that's why i love your wavy hair and eyeglasses - because you're my very own superman! =)

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  1. Thank you for always writing such nice comments! You deserve the award my blog buddy! I hope you have a great day today! By the way, what a super super hero to choose!

    Mama Hen


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