Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life Lately...

Hello universe! I was back from the grave...seriously, i felt like a part of me died, thus, the sudden lack of interest to blog..although I lurk around the web almost everyday.  It seems as if I have been in a cross road where I couldn't decide where to turn my life to.  I have learned the ropes of being a stay-at-home mom through the years (four years to be exact).  But being a SAHM in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a different story - that's why every now and then i get this boredom bug which lasts for 2 months most of the time, hehe..

Anyway,  here's a picture heavy post of what we have been up to lately, err, for the past 3 months, lol..

Camel riding in Othaim Mall.  My youngest and middle child told us they enjoyed the ride..but judging from the way they held on tightly, i doubt! lol..  the young arab girl in front must have felt squashed...

Climbing up the Sky Bridge on top of Kingdom Tower... For 25 saudi riyals for adults and 15 saudi riyals for kids, you can have a breath-taking view of the whole city of Riyadh.  We only lasted about 15 minutes and got bored. 

( This is Kingdom Tower where the pic above was taken..we were at the top-most part of the mall - the seemingly black line after the inverted triangle hole thingy....

my brother-in-law (left), who is the only family we have here in the kingdom left for the Philippines for good.  this pic was taken at King Khalid International airport.

one of my diversions when I really got nothing to do - hand-sewing.  I bought some cheap fabrics from IKEA and turned them into our pillows.. I was able to make 7, hehe..

picnic at the park.  Hubby took pictures of the greenery, the kids enjoyed playing in the playground, while I entertained myself with songs from hubby's samsung galaxy. When we got home, i was the one dead-tired that I fell asleep as soon as I took off my abaya (the black robe women put on when going out).

this photo didn't do much justice to the park..It was a really nice place.  that was hubby at the left and the three rascals who were already ahead of us were our kids..

trick or treat! They kept on asking me why they can't go trick or treating no matter how many times i tell them that Saudi Arabia does not observe that tradition.  good thing hubby's office mate gave him 3 chocolate bars for the kids.. issue settled! lol..

Come to think of it, life has been good...

I hope I can keep blogging regularly from now on (fingers crossed!) =)

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