Monday, November 7, 2011


If there's one thing that's keeping me sane here in Saudi Arabia, that is the good company of friends we were blessed with.  We are all part of the CFC community.

Last Thursday night, we attended the birthday celebration of a pregnant friend.  Little did she know that  a baby shower was brewed for her.  It was a fun night filled with laughter, games, and good food.

some photos from the party...

hubby and me during one of the games.  excuse the face, i was really trying hard not to laugh out loud.  =)
(i was wearing a shirt from H&M and a DIY maxi skirt)

the birthday girl and me.  our team won the game in the pic above.

the gang... 

  more often than not, parents here in Riyadh tag along their kids where ever they go so if you're wondering where the kids are, they were in one of the bedrooms making a lot of mess... =)

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