Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is a totally shallow post. 

In my last post I've mentioned that I'll no longer buy anything (major) this coming 2012 mainly because I felt like I have been so materialistic this year.  In a span of 11 months, I bought hubby bought the following (add to that the occasional shopping for clothes and shoes and other stuff):
lv speedy 35  (plus a long champ le pliage tote in old rose)

white blackberry bold 9700
swatch full-blooded caramel

My husband is the sweetest because he's very malambing but he's not the type of guy who'd surprise you with gifts.  With that in mind, I have learned to just ask, hehe.  But we always talk things over first - hindi pwede yung basta na lang bumile kasi gusto.  With the LV bag, I bought it because of practicality's sake (chos!).  I have always been a bag person and when I was younger I have collected a number of bags which I realized are not really for keeps because of the not-so-good quality.  So I've decided that it's okay for me to just have a maximum of 5 bags but would last me a lifetime.  Although I still have 10 bags left, I think. As with the BB, I have never bought a celphone for the past 4 years or so..all the phones I've used are hand-me-downs from my mom.  And it's actually hubby's treat for me for being a good housewife =).  Now with the watch, in as much as I'm a bag(not anymore) and shoes person, I'm also a big fan of watches.  I feel naked without it.  I have quite a few watches but most of them are my mom's.  I asked hubby for the swatch full-blooded because of it's size and I thought it would be good enough in place of the Michael Kors oversized runway watch I was eyeing.  But I felt like it was parang pang teenager.  Then I learned that yun nga, there's a newly opened MK shop here in Riyadh so I begged hubby to give it to me as a christmas gift na lang. But if there's one lesson I learned, it's to never settle for anything less than what you've dreamed of.  Just like with the watch, my husband asked me, "Baket mo pa binile kung di mo pala talaga gusto?" I wasn't able to answer kasi tama naman siya.  So there, instead of saving money (swatch is only $126 compared to MK which is $250), napadoble pa tuloy ang gastos.

So in closing, I want to share what my husband always tells me, "Hindi tayo nandito sa Saudi para sa mga sale!" Korek!

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  1. hi i used to live in saudi sa well sa jeddah naman kami,ok talaga ang sale dyan mura talaga.

  2. Hi Larla! true, nakakaloka ang sale dito no? hehe. nice to hear you lived in Jeddah, they say mas maluwag daw dun compared to Riyadh. =)


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